What is the minimum order for food delivery?

We deliver no less than 5 meals at a time; the only plans we DON'T deliver are LUNCH ONLY and DINNER ONLY. There are no additional shipping costs unless you live in atypical areas; see the ABOUT US page for exceptions. The shipping fee when applicable is 10,00€; nor do we discount plans when you choose to pick it up. With this online food delivery platform, you can use Grubhub's earnings calculator to see how much money you'll make.

The company's motto is “a fair price for all”, and it is one of the few food delivery companies that charge restaurants the same price as customers. Grubhub's business model is based on an estimate of the amount of food you'll sell and the number of orders you'll receive from each restaurant, not on the number of servings of food. It also charges a flat service fee of 18%, which, for orders with high entries, means that it often won't be the cheapest food delivery service. HOWEVER, you can get a better deal on any food delivery service if you know the pros and cons of each pricing model so you can order more intelligently.

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