What are the most popular items on a food delivery menu?

DoorDash reports that chicken sticks with French fries are the No. Are you surprised? Maybe, but it's hard to go wrong with this iconic swimsuit duo. As long as you have enough of your favorite sauce, it's a one-way ticket to the city of Munch. Swap your fingers for a perfectly fried chicken sandwich, preferably spicy, and you've got a real winner.

Whether you prefer it plain with a little sauce and pickles or completely accompanied by lettuce, tomato and cheese, there's no doubt about it, the chicken sandwich is definitely a crowd pleaser. Is there a sushi delivery with everything you can eat? If it isn't, it should be. Americans love sushi, which is why this nighttime favorite makes the list. The famous California roll appears in No.

Sorry, fried sushi lovers will have to order more Las Vegas rolls to catch up on this sushi classic. Speaking of nighttime favorites, is there anything as satisfying as a plate full of pad Thai for dinner? It's hot, made of sautéed vegetables and noodles, and topped with an amazing sauce. It seems like the perfect dish to order when you need something stimulating to overcome that midweek slump. Whether you're using DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, or another food delivery service, the right rewards credit card can help you get the most out of your dining experience.

You can get additional rewards for your shipments or get subscriptions and free food thanks to the benefits of your card. That means a lot more chicken sandwiches, tacos, donuts, or any type of dish you like to order. Samantha is the senior food editor at RealSimple and previously launched the food vertical US Weekly, where she wrote about the intersection of food and pop culture. The report also includes a section on the most popular delivery requests in the U.S.

UU. No onion, no tomato or cheese were some of the most popular omissions, while the extra sauce was the most requested complement. Is anyone really surprised that the fast food classic ranked number one? People love potatoes and we can't blame them. The beloved fried dish probably helped push hamburgers and sandwiches to second place on the list of the most popular cuisine, just behind the Mexican one.

Other popular cuisines that failed to include a specific food in the list of most popular dishes are Chinese, Mediterranean, breakfast and Vietnamese. What don't I like about naan with garlic? Uber Eats users know full well that you can't go wrong with carbs dipped in garlic butter, which is why this tasty Indian bread ranked third. If you ever run into a little more naan, try it with some spicy chicken curry. While pizza was considered the fifth most popular food this year, the Italian staple failed to be crowned as one of the most popular individual dishes.

However, Pizza's cheese-stuffed cousin mozzarella sticks ranked ninth. The tenth most requested dish is this tasty Japanese staple, which usually gets its spicy flavor from bold mayonnaise. Environmentally conscious consumers will be delighted to know that wild tuna is one of the most sustainable types of fish. The most popular type of food overall was Mexican cuisine, followed by hamburgers and sandwiches, and Chinese food.

While the most popular products were French fries (especially on Fridays), they were followed by pad Thai and naan with garlic. DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and online food orders in general skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many Americans choose to stay home to enjoy their favorite foods. Remember that if you're going to order food at home anyway, you could also earn some credit card rewards at the same time. Mexican food in general is one of the top options for food deliveries, and both tacos and burritos top the lists.


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