How do i track my food delivery order?

To find your current order or any previous order, go to My Purchases in your Google Account. The easiest way to track a DoorDash order is to look at the DoorDash notifications on your smartphone. You can check the status of your order with the Instacart app or website. These status reports will help you plan your day or night and will let you know that your favorite foods are arriving at your delivery address.

The distance between the Dasher and the restaurant and the delivery location, indicated on the map, will allow you to track your DoorDash delivery. DoorDash doesn't share the personal details of its food delivery workers, but you can contact them through the app to get a status update. With this in mind, DoorDash designed its delivery application to track your orders from the moment the restaurant ships them to delivery and arrival. In this situation, customers would have ordered a delivery “without knocking on the door” and would have chosen to receive a text message to notify them that their food had arrived.

Whether you're in New York or San Francisco, you can track your DoorDash order to know when the food delivery driver will arrive with your dinner. Great customer service is paramount to DoorDash, so the food delivery app offers refunds, especially when a takeout order never arrives. While this will let you know where your food delivery is located, you won't know the details of the transit between the restaurant and the delivery location. Yes, GrubHub, DoorDash, and other food delivery apps track a customer's location if they pick up orders on the sidewalk.

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