Can i get a refund if my food delivery order is incorrect or incomplete?

If your order was delivered, but an item was missing or incorrect, the fastest way to get help is to report the problem in your DoorDash account via. DoorDash will only offer a full refund if there are multiple issues with your order or if you haven't received it at all. Consumer protections for debit cards are different from protections for credit cards. You may not be able to get a refund for non-delivery or the delivery of an incorrect item.

Contact your debit card issuer (often your bank) as soon as you know there's a problem. Some debit card issuers may offer protections on a voluntary basis. Start by calling the customer service number. This sample letter to challenge credit and debit card charges may be useful.

If the restaurant or courier service has already taken steps to prepare and deliver your order, you will continue to be charged for the meal, in addition to a cancellation fee and possibly the shipping fee. If your DoorDash food delivery service is up to the same fate, you're probably wondering if you can get a partial refund or even a full refund through the mobile app. However, since you placed your order through DoorDash, it will be the responsibility of the food delivery service to do things right. Some users ask drivers to leave food outside, so the driver may have left the food at the wrong door without realizing it.

You'll need to order additional food or change the food order through DoorDash, but only if the order hasn't been completed yet and the driver hasn't left with your initial order. If you still have questions, here are answers to some frequently asked questions from food delivery customers. DashPass is a subscription service that allows you to receive unlimited deliveries from eligible restaurants without shipping costs. For example, you can request a refund if you are missing food, if you received the wrong food, or if you haven't received any shipments.

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